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The Best Way to Find Yourself: Templestay
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Are you tired of your studies and thinking of your future? Need something to refresh your mind? Here is the perfect program for you: “Templestay.” Templestay is a unique cultural program that lets you experience the life of Buddhist practitioners at traditional temples, which have preserved the 1700-year history of Korean Buddhism. As the autumn comes, the mountains in which temples are located will be covered in red maple leaves. So it may be the perfect chance to experience the Templestay program.

In the Templestay program, you can experience Cham-Seon (Seon meditation), Da-Seon (Tea Ceremony), Balwoogongyang (monastic meal), Yebool and Korean traditional culture. First of all, Cham-Seon meditation means to cut off all thoughts. Through Cham-seon, you can learn mindfulness and concentration. This is an important method of Korean Buddhist practice. Da-Seon is a meditation to practice mindfulness and concentration through brewing and drinking tea. When you drink tea, your five senses work together at the same time. So this relieves your mind and senses. Balwoo are bowls containing rice and vegetables. Balwoogongyang is the traditional way for Buddhist monks and nuns to eat a meal. It involves the spirit of Equality, Cleanliness, and Thrift because everybody shares the same food equally, cooked in a clean environment, and there is no waste. Through this experience, you can learn the wisdom of non-possession. Finally, Yebool is a ceremony in which we pay respect to the Sakyamuni Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and all his disciples. A day of the temple begins with Yebool. It affords the chance for self-reflection of practice. While you are listening to Buddhist chanting, you will feel calm and purified.

There are three types of Templestay: the One-day Program, the Overnight Program (Experiential Program), and the Free-style Program (Recuperation Program). So you can choose the right type of Templestay for you. Simply book your Templestay program online. And, of course, you can select the temple near you or where you want to stay. The Bongnyeong temple is located very near Ajou University. So, if you are interested in traditional oriental culture and are looking for a special experience to calm your mind, why not take part?

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