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A Change of Wind Has Been Brought to the Central Library
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Autumn is the best season for reading. Every year in the fall season, many people visit a peripheral library for becoming cultured. It is an undeniable fact that reading books with a rustling wind is refreshing. Have you seen the Central Library of Ajou University over the summer? The library has been remodeled so that students can study, read, and communicate. The maintenance work for the new facilities is still in progress; it began August 8th and will be completed by the end of September.

There will be several changes in the remodeled facility. On the first floor of the reference room, a Book Café will be situated in front of the multimedia room. There will be a community lounge in the Book Café, so students can talk freely as they enjoy coffee or other beverages. The Coffee Shop will be nominated from administrative office. Additionally there will be three book searchers on the first floor next to the reference room, and one will be used by handicapped students. Moreover, there will be one self-loan machine that students can use for borrowing books without going to the loan desk. Although there is currently only one self-loan machine, once it is favorably received, there will be two or more such machines for students provided by Ajou University.

On the second floor of the reading room, there will also be changes. You can see that maintenance work for the second floor is ongoing, but it will be finished by the end of September. Aren’t you wondering about the renovated facilities? According to the library staff, special features include several study desks next to the window. Thus, students can study and appreciate the genial weather. There will also be group tables for discussing and communicating. Moreover, students may have beverages at their desks. In the middle of the room, before remodeling, there were several reading desks with dividers. However, after remodeling, there will be many tables without dividers.

According to Ajou’s planning team, the budget for library renovations has been reduced to from five billion to one billion, so several changes that were planned initially have been cancelled.

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