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There is no question that Jeju Island is declassified from popular vacation islands in Korea as its attraction deserves its popularity. Although Ulleungdo is as beautiful as Jeju Island, people are only aware of its name and not its beauty.

Ulleungdo is a volcanic island similar to Jeju Island, but with a different figure. Jeju Island is wide and flat, whereas Ulleungdo is narrow and rises sharply from the sea. In fact, next to the coastal road located at the edge of Ulleungdo is a sharp-cut cliff made of lava that has cooled down rapidly. Several cliffs and the blue sea combined, the island holds scenic views.

Among the reasons to visit this island is its natural scenery. The overlooking blue green East Sea and the island’s sharp-cut cliffs and peaks are not only picture perfect but also worth seeing through the island’s observatory. In addition, visitors do not need to sweat to climb the mountain as the observatory can be accessed through cable car, a rail bike, or a car.

Tips for visitors

Ulleungdo does not have many accommodations and convenient facilities unlike Jeju Island. Most visitors stay at motels or guesthouses. A convenient store is located at the developed port, and the other port has only one corner shop. Moreover, the restaurants available in the area are expensive and limited.

Although most visitors need to drive a car going to Ulleungdo, car rental companies are few. Hence, visitors must reserve a rental car at least a week before the planned date of rental. Visitors must also keep in mind that all roads in Ulleungdo are one-laned, steep, and full of indentations. If you doubt your driving skill, you must go by taxi.

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