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Come to Japan, One of the most popular tourist destination!
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The foreign exchange between Korea’s won and Japan’s yen is increasing. An implication is that many Koreans can visit Japan in a more cost-effective manner. Japan is famous for its long list of tourist attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages, such as the Deer Park in Nara, Universal Studios in Osaka, and the large store Don Quixote in Kobe. Japan is also famous for its herbs and green tea. People with different tastes can enjoy a refreshing experience in Japan. As such, The AG took a vacation to visit, following the itinerary laid out below.


After arriving at Osaka/Kansai airport at 5:00pm, Visitors followed our guide to Kobe Tor Road Hotel. For dinner, I immediately chose to try sushi and specialty food. At a sushi restaurant, The AG ordered chicken salad with cheese, chicken boiled in soy sauce, and clams. Their sashimi menu was rather limited, in favor of chicken and clam cuisine. After ate dinner, There was Don Quixote, a shopping center like Daiso in Korea, and then a drug store. Drugs made in Japan are famous for effectiveness. In that store, Price is so high. For example, umbrella’s price is minimum 1000 yen(1000won in Korea). Moreover, Don Quixote sells many snacks and chocolates made with green tea flavor. Indeed, Japan is known for green tea, and it holds festival for green tea every year.


Kiyomizu-dera Temple, a temple built against a cliff in Otowa mountain is located in Kyoto. It is the most popular attraction for Kyoto visitors. Near this temple is Otowa waterfall, which is believed to grant wishes. Those who drink water from Otowa waterfall enjoy better, health, learning, and even love lives. Water is collected using a dipper with a long handle, with people taking turns for this resources. The AG staff drank this moracle water as well, hoping for positive outcomes.

Another attraction is 地主神社, which is said to help with matters of love. According to the legend, who touch the stone in front of stairs and then walk forward with their eyes closed can find their love match after touching another stone. They can touch another stone back, then love is attained. The AG tried as well. We touched two stones, hoping for long-lasting love.


Universal Studios in Japan is extremely popular. It is slightly different from the amusement parks in Korea such as Everland. Universal Studios has theme parks for Spiderman, Terminator, Jurassic Park, and Jaws, all blockbuster movie franchises with universal appeal. Spiderman has one ride, which is mothing like the rides in Korea. The ride in Spiderman is in 4D; visitors can watch Spiderman fighting with villains while riding the rides. In a way, visitors become Spiderman when on the ride. In the Jaws, visitors ride small boats and the shark makes surprise appearances throughout the ride. Then, the boat captain shoots the shark, and the shark disappears. The sharks used in the ride were highly realistic, successful in delivering thrills. The Jurassic Park ride was similarly adrenaline rush inducing. One of the rides is like a roller coaster, but tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.

However, many people who visit Universal Studios do so to visit the Harry Potter theme park. It is particularly famous for selling butter beer, the drink from the books. However, butter beer is sold at an exorbitant price (JPY700) so the AG opted out of the experience. Other merchandise on sale includes magic wands used in the movie. The ride in Harry Potter is also in 4D.

Another higjlight of this visit was the parade of characters (such as Minions and Hello Kitty)in animation. We saw characters going around, taking pictures with visitors. As for The AG, we sought a picture with a Marilyn Monroe cosplayer.


Our last day was spent, in Deer Park in Nara. The deer freely roamed around, friendly to those wishing for photo ops, especially those holding food for the deer. When The AG bought snacks for the deer, they flocked toward us, chewing my clothes as well. Near the deer park were Kofukuji and Todaiji Temples, where visitors can pray to Buddha for blessings.

During our travel in Japan, we observed differences between Japanese and Korean people. Japan, there is no trash anywhere, unlike in Korea, where trash is thrown anywhere with no care. Korea’s sidewalk are littered with trash or cigarette butts. In addition, the Japanese do not smoke along sidewalks, and they are very gracious. When asked, they respond kindly. Those that ask directions are even accompanied, with consideration for the language barrier that may lead to confusion. The AG appreciated these insights on differences between Korea and Japan. Many Koreans continue to criticize severely and dislike the Japanese because of the past. However, there is much for us to learn from Japan.

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