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Cry of Ewha students for proper college
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Newspapers have shown a picture that an Ewha University student was suppressed by the police. The Ewha University president proclaimed that she would establish a college for the unemployed workers and anyone with a high-school diploma.

Ewha University students were outraged at the absence of communication. Without their opinion, president proclaimed the establishment of colleges and access of the unemployed workers and anyone with a high-school diploma earn a bachelor’s degree like Ewha University students. The unemployed workers will only need two-years to get a bachelor’s degree. For businesses purposes, the Univrsity established a “Future life college” with more haste than caution.

For reference, ‘Future life college’ has wellness industry department(with fashion, nutrition, and health coures) and major new media department(with media content production and plan courses). The students complained that these two departments already exist in the university. These department, the students said,- are only established to find employment. Students have a question that Why government recruit students by establishing overlapping department without entering school or transferring school.

In addition, the students felt unfair that the unemployed workrs and high-school graduates can get a bachelor’s degree only by listening to online lectures. They believed that the president wants to earn money by selling degree easily. They wanted the university president to explain, so they waited for her in the main building.

However, the president blocked the students and called 1,600 policers. Students and graduates of Ewha University, participated in the protest. Graduates protested and said they would return their diploma. The president later claimed that establishing college for the unemployed workers and high-school graduates will be cancelled. However, the students did not withdraw and required the president to resign of president.

A university is a space for education, but, in reality, - it is also a business that cannot be managed without money. It can take unpopular departments away and establish or support valuable departments by restructuring. Indeed, there are departments that need to be removed due to bad lectures. However, reputable universities that offer quality education have to be managed for good education and not to pursue money.

In the dispute, the main cause of the students’ complain is absence of communication between the president and the students. The president took action without consulting the students.

In Ajou University, similar events happened. Owing to prime business, the students protested and required other department signature. The prime business problem is also attributed to absence of communication. The president attempted to integrate certain departments without consulting the students. Hence, the students were angry at the college department. The departments were integrated eventually. However, Because dispute between students and college arise constantly, College has to communicate with student constantly.

Opinion1—Choi Jang Hoon, Sogang University student.

Establishing a college for the unemployed workers and high school graduates is a good attempt without considering the intention. Helping the unemployed is good, but this attempt is contrary to substantial equality , which is to give equal opportunity to everyone. Sunstantial equality is different from formal equality, which is to give equal result. This attempt is only pursues formal equality; this causes the problem to emerge. Making the education of Ewha University accessible to others is good, but giving equal result (bachelor’s degree) to the unemployed and high school graduates is unfair. The latter gives too much benefit to the unemployed and high school graduates. There is a reverse discrimination in this attempt in society. For example, veterans extra point system is similar to this attempt. (Veterans extra point system is giving extra point to men for serving in the military for two years). Women are not assigned the same obligation and they do not get veterans extra points.

Consequently, I think the university’s attempt is unfair for Ewha University students, but it is not a problem to other university students.

Opinion2—Park Ji Yeon, office worker in stock firm

The Ewha University disturbance shows the tyranny from the university. School is place where students are educated. Especially, a college is a place where professors teach lessons to students and the students who want to be taught assemble. I think that the Ewha University ignored the future of the students and used them to earn profit. I felt that the students being sold.

In the 1960s, a disturbance similar to this occured. The nation saw a massacre, ignoring the nation’s opinion. The Ewha University students protested to correct such tyranny. Therefore, establishing a college for the unemployed and high-school graduates is unfair. The students have to continue to protest

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