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Goseumdochi—Criticize Sharply and Love Enthusiastically
  • Park In -kyu
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Meanwhile, there are no cartoon club’s instruction in the join section. Therefore, The Ajou Globe (The AG) has chosen Goseumdochi as the featured cartoon club because it encourages enrollment. The AG will provide information about Goseumdochi and how it is organized. Additionally, some works by student creators are featured in this article.
What is Goseumdochi?
Goseumdochi came into existence in 1988, so it has a 28-year history. The meaning of Goseumdochi is “criticize sharply and love enthusiastically.” Initially, the club was influenced by political activism. The content of works of art was expressly critical and political. However, upon entering the 1990s, forces associated with political activism had decreased; accordingly, the critical tone that was characteristic of the club in its cartoons transformed naturally so that freestyle cartoons are currently representative of the club’s style. s
Title: Charging
Content: Life of a battery compared to human lifespan; if the battery discharges, people also can be discharged
How Goseumdochi is Organized and Operated
Goseumdochi is a large-scale club, currently with 40 to 50 members. At any given time, membership may be higher based on many students who join the club for the short term.The proportion of men is high, as is the proportion of males enrolled in Ajou University and the Department of Media. The president of the club works mainly with sophomores, but freshmen students are strongly encouraged to participate in the club activities. The upper grades elect a manager or vice-president to help the president.
The club’s operations involve scheduled events each semester and individual activities during vacation periods. During a semester, there are four times activities. General meetings are held on the first Friday of the month. In the general meeting, members discuss plans for the month and future displays. They also talk about personal creations.. Besides the general meetings, training times are offered to educate freshman on effective techniques for creating cartoons; students who have noticeable abilities in cartoon drawing instruct freshmen students. Anyone who wants to create cartoons can join the club. Although no special meetings, activities, or workshops are scheduled during vacation periods, students should be working diligently on their displays, as the club presents three of these per year.
Specifically, members of the club display their cartoons for the Cherry Blossom Festival, Dae Dong Je, and the Ajou Academic Conference. Members also promote the club at the Cherry Blossom Festival; in Dae-Dong-Je, the club conducts profitable projects such as the “Eco bag project.” Students can purchase their own cleverly designed bags from the club. want to have their own bag can enjoy its project. During the Ajou Academic Conference, club members display their cartoons.
2. Hyo-Jin Lim (15, Media)
Title: The way to the convenience store
Content: Expressing happenings in the store
How to Motivate Members
It is not really easy for the president to manage this club because there are many members. It is really important to motivate members and make them feel that their participation is purposeful. Therefore, it is essential that members understand that they are expected to participate actively in club events. Cartoon creation requires regular submissions of cartoon scripts for scheduled displays. With this goal in mind, the president of the club—Hyun-Shik Hwang—established a system that would double the membership fee for those individuals who do not submit at least two scripts during the annual period when three displays are scheduled. He said that this system has encouraged members to submit scripts regularly.
Why Do People Misunderstand?
Some people misunderstand when they hear the word “cartoon.” In fact, people often use Otacoo to describe someone who loves cartoons enthusiastically; its language origin is Japanese, and it is used to describe people who really love cartoons—to the point of living for one, for example. However, the president of the club denied misunderstanding that some people call them Otacoo. Because, there are few students who are really mad at cartoon as like Otacoo in the club. Most members live as ordinary students. Yet, it is an advantage that they demonstrate passion toward cartoons; their enthusiasm is preferable to indifference.
3. Ji-Yeon Kim
Title: Microosmos
Content: Portraying the girl who sees the monster bird
Goseumdochi keeps moving forward
The AG can confirm that members of Goseumdochi have a passion for cartoons. Furthermore, the president of the club endeavors to motivate club members to work harder. It is clear that the club president as well as all members have a desire to galvanize the club. Because of its accomplished members, Goseumdochi is going to flourish more and more in the future.

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