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Compare and Analyze Yourself to Attain Better Solutions
  • Lee Dong-yoon
  • 승인 2015.09.06 13:58
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A new semester has begun and students are busy adapting to their new schedules. During summer vacation, some students spent considerable time developing themselves, while othersenjoyed a languid break. I supposeI could say I wasunmotivated during the early part of vacation. I would wake up late in the mornings and avoidgoing out intothe hot sun. I assuredmyself by noting,“It is OK. This will be the last vacation in which I take a break and be lazy.”However, I suddenly found myself ensconcedin my bed and not preparingmyself to do better next semester. I called my friends to ask what they were doing during vacation. They were developing themselves by preparing for the next semester and their majors. They were writing essays, creatingportfolios, and conducting experiments under professors. This information joltedme and I began to prepare for the next semester as well.However, at the same time, I believed that taking a break during vacation and resting up for the next semestermightbe a better choice. I did some preparation, but did not follow my friends’strategies.

Before summer vacation, I did not openthe drafts in whichThe Ajou Globe(The AG) reporters wrote to other reporters to show appreciation for their thoughts and writing.However, on the day thatIreceived thedraft for the 120thissue of the magazine, I was inspired to encourage writers to criticize one another’s work. I asked the reporters towrite articles on the same subject. We compared and analyzed these articles together. It appeared as though they were motivated to write and analyze together regularly.

Both of these anecdotes reveal that there is no singlesolution. The important point is that we can compare and analyze each other’s effortsin order to attainbetter solutions. The perfect solutiondoes not exist. If you prefer, you can adjust others’ solutionsto suit yourself. If you are not interested, you can just proceed as usual.

The Cover Story for the 120thThe Ajou Globediscussesthe future of AIdevelopment, whether it might bea friend or an enemy to humankind. There is no answer yet as the perfect AI has not been developed;read the article and come to your own conclusions. In the On Campus section, you can readAjou University’s news about the collaboration with CJ OnlyoneR&D Park and the AFTER YOU program that isprogressing atAjou University. The Close Up section covers the ABEEK, which has long been said by Engineering and Information and Technology students. Were you aware that our university’sundergraduate students took first prize at the “2015 Imagine Cup” sponsored by Korean Microsoft? There is an interview with the students, Team “JY6,” in the Ajou People section. What do you think about Feminism? Is the meaning of Feminism as you recognize it reflects real Feminism? You can learn aboutFeminism’spast and present history in the History section. Finally, the Opinion section delves intothe problems and student opinions concerningthe Ajou University students’social community Facebook page, Dae-na-moo Soop. There are also other articles that readers will not want to miss.

Publishing the 120thThe Ajou Globe, The AG hopes readers will critically read and considernot only the articles, but many other social issues. We also hope to receive sincere feedback from our readers that we mayanalyze in order to attain better solutions.

Lee Dong-yoon  theajoupress@gmail.com

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