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Allow Your Dream to Come True!: The AFTER YOU Program
  • Lee Joo yeon
  • 승인 2015.08.30 22:45
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Prior educational training at the “2015 Ajou Global Campus”, one of a number of special “AFTER YOU” programs, took place over five days, between the 22nd and 26th of June. Kim Dong-Yeon, the President of Ajou University, launched the Ajou AFTER YOU program for needy students who had not had the opportunity to study abroad. He gave a lecture on the so called “Pleasant Rebellion” in an entrance ceremony and promised to help many students try new things. The Pleasant Rebellion is for voluntary students who rebel against their own limitations and the restrictions of society. This educational program involves visionary lectures and opportunities for the students to plan their own life maps with famous celebrities. In April, Ajou University selected 80 students, including some from other universities, on the basis of their family circumstances and passion for studying, not their English skills or college grades. The selected students were given the chance to study at Michigan University and Johns Hopkins University in the United States, and at, Shanghai Jiatong University in China for four weeks. Their courses included, English or Chinese language and intensive culture classes. As “After You” lexically means “you first”, the AFTER YOU program offers some students scholarships and an opportunity to study abroad in elite universities. The program was planned to create sustainable development within a deprived society through better social mobility. The program is supported financially by donators who are willing to assist the program, and to promote the value of sharing. Besides AFTER YOU program, President Kim Dong-yeon is constantly planning special programs for Ajou University students. For example, the “SOS project” provides financial aid to students suffering from disease or poverty; the Ajou Global Internship with World-OKTA (Overseas Korean Traders Associations) helps needy students find foreign employment. There are many programs that support Ajou University students in achieving their dreams. The AG advises students to actively search for programs that can help them achieve their goals, and to turn these programs into precious opportunities.

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