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Violence in the name of love
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“Because I love you.” This is a common excuse of offenders who commit serious dating violence. “Dating Violence” is term that explains all kinds of attacks that happen during loving relationships, with after-effects that sometimes continue after it has finished, too. The main reason is caused from the incorrect understanding that they consider their lover as their own possession. It normally starts as a little squabble.

Last summer, in a dating violence video, a man who ran over his girlfriend using a truck shocked the community. It occurred because the girl had called him to break up. It was really shocking and people around me said, “I am afraid to start dating someone new.” Through this issue, attention about the danger of dating violence really increased. Among these problems, the most shocking issue is the hand-written poster in Korea University. Starting with title “You are the attacker of dating violence,” author states that her ex-boyfriend considered her only as equipment to satisfy his sexual desire. He forced her to touch private parts of his body and to have sex although she refused.

There are two reasons I was really shocked. The first is that there are a lot of people who regard this issue as just a small problem between the two lovers. Some of the replies even said, “So what?” or “Maybe the girl’s behavior made him feel sexual desire.” The second is that the man didn’t recognize his act was dating violence; furthermore, the girl thought this problem was her fault.

Dating violence doesn’t mean only physical attacks. We have to know what it is.

Every year, dating violence increases. According to the National Police, about 46 women died from dating violence last year. Dating violence can no longer be considered as simple a fight between two lovers. My friends and family could suffer from irreversible violence. Almost all people don’t recognize what dating violence is. Therefore, it is most important to have accurate recognition what dating violence is what that it is a crime.

Violence in any shape or form cannot be justified in the name of love.

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