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How We Had a 1000wons Breakfast in Ajou?
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After the new semester started, a new menu appeared in the school cafeteria. Ourhome, Inc (Incorporated), which deals with our school cafeteria menus, was chosen for the university pilot project “The breakfast of 1000wons” organized by MAFRA (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs).

Luckily, our school was one of only six universities in metropolitan area selected. As surveys have shown that 49.1% of twenty-year-olds skip their breakfast, MAFRA proposed this campaign to create a breakfast culture among students and to promote the consumption of rice. Breakfast was provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, during September, the first 200 students could purchase a convenient and substantial breakfast between 10 and 11 a.m. each day.

The breakfast menus were mainly composed of a bowl of rice served with toppings. This topping was different on different days.

“The breakfast of 1000wons” program to promote regular eating habits for students has already occurred in our dormitory cafeteria. Unfortunately, it is difficult to continue due to a lack of educational expenditure. It is uncertain whether the program will run again next year, because the government has not yet decided to continue this campaign next semester.

Ourhome’s project manager for this campaign said, “It is a pleasure that Ajou University was chosen as pilot school. Of course I will apply the campaign, if it starts next semester. But, it is unclear if it will run.”

One of the problems was that breakfast was served on a first-come-first-served basis. Student bought five or six meals at once, buying for their friends who couldn’t buy it in the given time.

Regarding the hoarding problem, Ourhome stated, “We are company and have to remain neutral. It is difficult to say whether they hoarded food or not. We just request students who hoard food at once to consider other students.”

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