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Let’s Buy and Sell Second-hand Books from Home with 24n1
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If your old books are lying around at home, try using the app 24n1. 24n1 lets you deal in second-hand books. Unlike conventional second-hand markets or used-book apps, you can check accurate book information and make sure that you can easily trade your second-hand books with the 24nl transaction algorithms.

The reason why 24nl was made was because the developers want to make the world a better place to live. At first, they had to solve problems that they or youth are suffering. Isuffering from expensive lecture fees, cost of textbooks of their majors, college tuition fees, and the demands of many part-time jobs. Though they can’t figure out them all, they can sort out the problem with textbooks.

They saw an article that said “each college student owns on average 60 books.” However, these books go by the wayside. What if we could share this? They thought. This was their starting point. First, they validated various kinds of shared models: direct buying and selling of books, lending books, putting bookstores through to the student model, and so on. They explored the results in the various models. The direct buying model was the most efficient, with direct benefits for individual people. Second, they looked to ease of contact, so they developed a direct dealing platform that easy and secure.

Furthermore, 24n1 has four characteristics. First, you can check the book’s condition through a 15-second short video. Second, you can see ISBN (book-specific code). Third, the 21n1 transaction algorithms that connect the seller to purchaser are easy and fast to deal with. Finally, this app gives directly using method and user’s convenience.

Lastly, the developers want to ask a word from Ajou University students. Last semester, 24n1 had tested operations for Android. And backed by strong support, next semester, 24n1 is planning to roll out on iPhone. You’ll be able to share many of the books you never use. 24n1 hope you can help someone, make money, save money, and bring together beautiful things.

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