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How Was Halloween at Ajou?
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On October 26, the Korean Halloween Festival was held in Yulgok Hall. About 40 students, including AGA members, enjoyed the party. Before the festival began, the AGA members helped exchange students with make-up such as wounds, blood, and to make them zombies. Also, some students had already prepared their special costume. The first event was a costume contest. Ten students showed off their costumes, mimicked each character’s features, and showed off their talents. The winner, who won a free drinking gift that can be used in the club after party, was Donald Trump. He had prepared a cat-shaped toy with a sign that expressed criticism of Trump. Scores were given by the other students’ claps and cheers. The most popular characters were zombies. There were lots of zombies such as doctors, nurses, soldiers, and students. Their make-up was so realistic.

After the contest, students were divided into teams of close friends. Outside, there were three game booths where an AGA member was waiting to give each group different missions, such as moving eyeballs from one container to another by using chopsticks. These booths were hidden in dark places and people hid nearby to surprise the exchange students. To win a gift coupon that they could use at the after party, groups had to complete all missions. After this festival, the Friends Club and AGA prepared a club after party in Ingye–dong, Suwon. There they enjoyed more Korean Halloween atmosphere, with free alcohol.

A.J. Barthman (Business major) from the US said, “Halloween is a big holiday in my country for young and old alike. Kids enjoy trick-or-treat, getting candy. But when we become older, we have parties or watch horror movies together to feel another mood of Halloween. I wonder what the difference ours is from in Korea. The Ajou University’s Halloween is not big like in the US, but it is really nice and I expect to go to the club after party with Korean friends. Also, I want to share our Halloween culture with them.” She is happy to share this important and big day in Korea.

Also, Wang Yin (Industrial Design major) from China said “We don’t have Halloween in China. Therefore, I really looked forward to experiencing a Korean Halloween. And the AGA’s effort to make a real Halloween mood was appreciated. I feel really satisfied about this blood make-up and I’m excited to hang out with Korean friends at this party in Korea.” Most of students enjoyed the party and had the chance to be closer with other friends. And this party’s atmosphere was exciting. The leader of AGA said, “We are an international club. So the purpose of this party is for exchange students who have different Halloween traditions in their country to share their culture with friends from other countries.”

The AG hopes exchange students who come to Korea in this semester had a good experience and learned about Korean culture; also that they contribute and teach about their own culture, too.

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