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Slime, A Toy for Adults
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These days, slime is in fashion. “Slime” is a toy for adults, which is not a liquid or solid, but something in-between. People can touch and change it, altering its shape whenever they want to.

Maybe most people have had the experience of playing with slime. In former times, it could bought cheaply at a local stationery store. Normally, only children play with toys like that. But recently, people started to notice that adults as well as children were playing with slime. Why are we seeing this now?

Maybe the first reason is that slime makes a sound that is like an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). The second reason is that people can relieve stress by playing with slime. As a result, people use it to make themselves feel more stable and secure.

However, slime has side effects because it is made from grass and borax. As it was created without safety testing, it can cause dermatitis or burns. Of course, it can be made safely with toothpaste and baking soda instead of grass and borax. However, even that is not completely safe.

The people who sell slime have a responsibility to ensure its safety. People should be able to have fun, but must also be able to restrain themselves.

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