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Plan and Develop Your Special Course with Ajou!
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By now, you have received many messages from Ajou University. Aren’t you curious about those messages? You may wonder why you get those messages. Many students are considering the types of careers they want to aim for in the future; thus, they are earning qualifications that are suitable for their intended careers. On the contrary, there are many other students who have not finalized their career goals. For those students, there is a center called “Ajou job” (http://job.ajou.ac.kr/); it is managed by Ajou University, and its main purpose is to support students upon their entrance to the school to finding employment that fits their aptitude. The center guides characterized courses from the lower grades and for various majors. The goal of Ajou job is to make students advance successfully into society through career development systems. Moreover, Ajou job aims to empower students with personalized history management services to enhance their competence and help them adapt to society in the professional workforce.

Basically, there are four main curricula —Career Planning, Career Development, Career Employment, and Career Counseling— that assist Ajou students along their future paths. For Career Planning, students can take an aptitude test online. Results are available immediately (right after you finish the test); furthermore, students receive information about jobs that are suitable based on the aptitude results. Everyone knows that landing professional jobs is not easy. There is considerable competition for better paying jobs. Thus, the Career Development track helps students understand the qualifications companies require. In addition to lectures about certain jobs, there is one-to-one counseling that helps students in their efforts to reach their career goals. Regarding Career Employment, students are equipped with skills to meet the tasks they can expect to experience when seeking employment. Students learn to prepare professional resumes or letters of self-introduction. Additionally, they can find better part-time jobs. For those who are struggling with their courses, one-to-one counseling with subject experts is available. Ajou job is located on the first floor of Student Union 2; students can use it as they pursue their dreams.

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