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We Do Not Wnat to Be Lost Our Liberal Arts
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Many liberal arts subjects are taught at our school. These subjects are popular, but sometimes classes have too few people, and sometimes teachers do not have students. However, there is no such thing as the liberal arts if classes don’t take place at all. A minimum number of people is required to sign up for a class, and the classes that tend to be canceled are liberal arts classes.

The first problem is that you don’t know if your liberal arts classes are going to be canceled. This year, four liberal arts classes, Social Services, , The Global Era and Civil Society (NGOs), and Corporations and Society, were all canceled. Students who selected those classes will be removed from the list and enrolled in Students who have enrolled in the classes should enrolling in class. Students applying for such classes should also apply for other liberal arts classes during the enrollment period.

The second problem is that this system is unfair. When liberal arts classes are canceled, students have to apply for new classes, but the most popular liberal arts classes are no longer available. You can’t find the liberal arts classes you are interested in taking. You still have a semester of teaching, but if you aren’t studying a subject you’re interested in, it’s a very depressing semester. If the liberal arts classes you wanted to take are all cancelled, you will have a depressing semester.

To solve these problems, we need to understand the standard procedure for canceling liberal arts classes. During a class, if a student chooses to concentrate on the subject of that class, he or she will surely learn about other liberal arts classes on related topics.

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