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For Whom Is This Uncomfortable Construction intented?
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Kwang-kyo Hall is a space used by female students at Ajou University. Because of the ongoing construction, current students continue to make complaints. In addition, noisy locks are waking students up at night.

Kwang-kyo Hall underwent major construction during the summer vacation. Despite this, Ajou students were not notified of any construction at Kwang-kyo Hall. If construction must be carried out, it should be announced through an official school notice. However, there have been no announcements related to the construction at Kwang-kyo Hall. Since students were not told about the work beforehand, those who were residents during the summer vacation were very shocked. The noise was continuous, and personal privacy was intruded upon. In addition, the builders were male, which was very inconvenient for the female students. There was a lot of confusion in the corridors, with students saying that there were men in the hallways. Others said that during some of the construction work, they were not able to enter the dormitory.

The problems of Kwang-kyo Hall did not end with the construction. There was also a lock on the latch at Kwang-kyo Hall, which was used by four people, who opened the door using a key. After the construction was finished, they could only get into their rooms using a secret code. Of course, there is a good argument for requiring a password to enter. The dormitory will be safer and there will be fewer thefts. However, when the door opens, it says loudly, “The door is open.” This announcement is very loud and it startles the boarding house students. The bathroom is supposed to stay outside and the doors are too loud to open and close and disturb the roommates who study or sleep

Regarding this, Kwang-kyo Hall reportedly announced that it was reported as a banner in advance. Also, the locking mechanism said it was an important device to prevent theft.

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