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To Be Extraordinary, What Makes You “extra?”
What makes someone special? What do you think is the most important quality that makes one person different from others?...
Choi Ju-hee  |  2014-07-03 22:33
Ahn Soo-Chan:Journalism Is the Way to Realize Me and the World
Ahn Soo-Chan is a veteran reporter who has built upon his 17-year journalism career with various experiences. In 1997, h...
Kim Ji-su  |  2014-07-03 22:31
My experience staying in Korea
My name is Annette Ndifor from Cameroon. I major in International Development and Cooperation. I will like to share with...
Annette Ndifor  |  2014-07-03 22:29
When Will These Disputes End At All?
At the writing of this article, territorial disputes are occurring all over the world. A territorial dispute occurs when...
Kim Ji-Su  |  2014-07-03 22:27
Old but Never Forgotten: Hakrim
Coffee shops are all over the place. Today there is nothing either strange or special about going to a coffee shop. Just...
Choi Ju-hee, Ahn Hye-lin  |  2014-07-03 22:25
A Look inside Ajou Blue Extracurricular Activities
In 2013, Ajou University launched a transcript of extracurricular activities for the first time among the domestic unive...
Kim Hyun-jee  |  2014-07-03 22:23
How Was 2014 Cherry Blossom Festival?
How Was 2014 Cherry Blossom Festival?The Cherry Blossom Festival for enjoying the beautiful spring came again this year....
Kim Ji-Su  |  2014-07-03 22:18
Four Reasons to Spotlight China
The Philippines and the United States signed the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) on April 28. This allows ...
Kim Hyun-jee  |  2014-07-03 22:16
One Small Step, A Big Miracle
Over the past two months, Koreans have been in mournful agony. Most of the time, we might live our lives just as though ...
Kim Hyun-jee  |  2014-07-03 22:14
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