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The “CJ Onlyone R&D Park,” An Ajou University Collaboration
Ajou University is closely watching the construction of the CJ Onlyone R&D (research and development) Park and developin...
Lee Joo yeon  |  2015-08-30 22:44
The “CJ Onlyone R&D Park,”
Ajou University is closely watching the construction of the CJ Onlyone R&D (research and development) Park and developin...
Lee Joo-yeon  |  2015-08-30 22:41
Attention to Trendy Entertainment Shows for Children
Some people may have seen an amazingly cute food show, ‘Meok Bang’, featuring three triplet brothers. Dumplings, pizza, ...
Lee Joo-yeon  |  2015-08-29 21:30
Continued Disasters
April 25, 7.8 magnitude earthquake was taken place at Gorka which is located near Kathmandu, the capital of India. It is...
Lee Jeong-Tae  |  2015-08-29 21:28
Road to Profound Marketing
Marketing is an important field of business administration. All companies, independent enterprises, and marketers sell t...
Kim Hyung-ju  |  2015-08-29 21:25
Is it Better to be a Satisfied Pig than a Dissatisfied Human?
What on earth is happening with the youth of today? Are they realizing that the evil conspiracies created by interest gr...
Kim Hyung-ju  |  2015-08-29 21:24
Buen Apetito !: Mexican Dishes
Every creature on Earth survives by consuming nutrients. There is no doubt that a creature’s primary purpose is survival...
Kim Hyung-ju  |  2015-08-29 21:22
Keep the History, We are not Machines
Korea has witnessed countless movements to establish democracy. The months of April, May, and June are special in Korea....
Jeon Su-ho  |  2015-08-29 21:15
A Taste of Short Films
The Ajou Globe (The AG) asked readers to name well-known and memorable movies. Were any short films among them? For almo...
Jeon Su-ho  |  2015-08-29 21:13
Read the Man through the Car
Notice your surroundings. What do you first think of when you hear the sound of a vehicle? The Ajou Globe (The AG) can e...
Jeon Su-ho  |  2015-08-29 21:11
Relaxing getaway near Ajou University
Blue liveness of summer still stay on leaves. Rather, when enjoy the cool breeze that blow a humid atmosphere, the leave...
Lee Jeong-tae  |  2015-08-29 19:49
Loud Dae-na-moo Soop
Recently, Account ‘Bamboo Forest’ named of University is being used actively in Facebook. What is purpose of this accoun...
Lee Jeong-tae  |  2015-08-29 19:42
Tears of Greece, Despair for the World
After the Financial Crisis of 2008, the world has experienced numerous economic threats. Greece’s Default is one such th...
Kim Hyung-ju  |  2015-08-29 19:27
Students’ Opinions on ABEEK
The Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK), which provides guidance on essential knowledge for e...
Kim Hyung-ju  |  2015-08-29 19:24
An AI Future
Have you ever watched a science fiction movie? You have probably watched many. Because this genre is based on imaginatio...
Jeon Su-ho  |  2015-08-29 19:22
Khaled Hosseini: The Best Storyteller Who Creates a Deep Echo
War, Taliban, burka, and poverty: you may feel unfamiliar with those words. But what about these words: family, forgiven...
Kim Ji-su  |  2014-07-03 22:47
[Join] Fun University Life with a Sword in one Hand!: Kumdo-bu
Kumdo players in training provide a captivating spectacle: they concentrate, then suddenly shout, exude vigilance and be...
Kim Hyun-jee  |  2014-07-03 22:45
Popularity: fixed characters brought to life
Web comics (or “Webtoons,” a compound of “web” and “cartoon”) are cartoons published on Internet. Since the IMF crisis o...
Jang Seo-young, Kim Su-min  |  2014-07-03 22:43
We Did Step on the Moon
“That is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Many people are familiar with this well-known quote by N...
Lee Dong-yoon  |  2014-07-03 22:41
Awareness of Danger and the Need for an Information Firewall
Wherever you go, there are garbage cans and there are deserted white slips of paper called receipts. Receipts can be ann...
Lee Dong-yoon  |  2014-07-03 22:35
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